Nov. Zwei Jahre nach dem Flugzeugabsturz, der 19 Fußballer das Leben kostete, kämpft der brasilianische Verein um den Klassenerhalt. Alle aktuellen News zum Thema Chapecoense sowie Bilder, Videos und Infos zu Chapecoense bei Aktuelle Nachrichten zum tödlichen Flugzeugabsturz von AF Chapecoense im Überblick: Lesen Sie hier alles rund um die Tragödie um den brasilianischen.

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Retrieved 29 November BBC World in Spanish. Retrieved 1 December Telegraph Media Group Limited. Retrieved 5 December Retrieved 21 December Retrieved 10 December Retrieved 11 December Chape ended the competition with 52 points, in the 11th place, and the Galo ended in the fourth position, with Fans gather to mourn Chapecoense footballers among 75 killed — as it happened".

Retrieved 8 December Retrieved on April 11, in Portuguese. Universidad de Chile Retrieved from " https: Gunky water gushes everywhere. His pants and shirt are sopping.

Chiquinho stumbles out of the bunker and back onto the field. The pooling in the grass begins to ebb. Then he straightens up and stands at attention, clutching the saw in his fist.

He stares as the rest of the coffins are carried in. Everyone else in the arena watches, too. Some watch the military men.

Some watch the widows or the mothers or the fathers who scream and hold each other through plastic ponchos. Some watch the children, who fidget and fuss and might or might not understand exactly why an entire city in the interior of Brazil has come together at a soccer stadium to mourn in the rain.

Forca roughly translates to strong in the face of tragedy. The family of Caio Junior says their good-byes.

The year-old had just signed on as head coach of Chapecoense in The caskets were shrouded in white and wrapped tightly in plastic to protect them from the pouring rain.

More than 20, fans filled Arena Conda to capacity, and approximately 80, more -- or half the population of Chapeco in total -- gathered outside the stadium.

It is hot and dry. The winds are calm. The sunlight glints off the stained glass of the Santo Antonio Cathedral that sits up high on one of the hills.

The rain feels far away. Vendors set up carts selling water and beer. Fans park their cars and lean against the open trunks.

More than miles southwest of Rio de Janeiro, this dusty city known for its slaughterhouses and its farmland is preparing for the most important soccer game in its history.

Inside the stadium, Chiquinho waters the grass constantly in temperatures that rise toward 90 degrees. Before every home game, the players spend the night in this hotel together in "concentration.

They talk about formations and strategy. Then, when they are done with all that, they pass the time. The hotel gives the team the entire second floor, and the players spread out.

Danilo, the goalkeeper with the kind eyes, is chatty. Kempes, the striker with the frizzy Afro, plays his pandeiro, which is a tambourine.

Tiaguinho, a young winger with a dimple, cannot put down his phone. The mood is buoyant. The game tonight is against San Lorenzo, a team from Argentina, and it is the second leg of a two-match semifinal in the Copa Sudamericana, the South American Cup.

In the first match of the aggregate series, in Buenos Aires, the teams tied The episode airs Tuesday at 9 a.

ET and 11 p. Want to listen to Eternal Champions on the go? The players get ready to leave for the stadium, but Tiaguinho cannot stop texting his wife, Graziele.

She is only 19, but they grew up in the same town and have been in love for years, ever since the day Tiaguinho sat next to her on a bench in grade school and showed her his arm.

He had written her name on it in marker, over and over from elbow to wrist. He said, "See how much I like you?

A day earlier, not long after the players arrived at the hotel to begin concentration, Tiaguinho was sitting in the hall outside his room.

Two teammates, Matheus Biteco and Caramelo, approached him. Tiaguinho took the bag and looked up at them, wary. He did not want his friends to see him interested in anyone but Graziele.

His eyes went wide. It was from Graziele. Tiaguinho furrowed his brow. He opened the card and read it slowly, tracing his finger over some of the words.

Then he closed it, took a deep breath and opened it again. Biteco leaned in, hovering over his friend, and Tiaguinho shot up from the floor, shouting and dancing and hugging everyone around him.

He showed them what was inside the box: Then he rocked an imaginary baby in his arms while his teammates howled.

Since that moment, Tiaguinho has been floating. Even now, just hours before this match against San Lorenzo, he is texting Graziele about names.

They both like Maite for a girl; it means "beloved. Finally, his teammates tell him it is time to go. He cannot resist and texts once more, telling Graziele that he loves her.

In injury time, Chape goalkeeper Danilo made a miraculous save -- similar to this one -- to send his team to the Copa Sudamericana in Colombia.

The game begins around 7. The fans chant and cheer and sing, standing together on the concrete bleachers or crowding up against the fence that separates the walkway from the team benches.

Rafael is 43, with a flat face and thin hair and glasses. He has been coming to Chape games since he was a little boy.

As a child, he would arrive at the arena with no money and wait outside the gates. Once everyone had gone in and the game started, he could find an entrance that was unattended and slip in for free.

He cheered for the team when it was still playing in the amateur leagues. He became a broadcaster when he was Tonight, with a place in the final at stake, Rafael is even more dynamic than usual.

The Chape players know what they have to do: It has players who play for Uruguay and Paraguay. After the first 15 minutes, the Chape players -- and the crowd -- grow more confident.

Danilo dives to his left to push away a shot, and the fans erupt. Dener, a midfielder, flicks the ball over his head to elude an opponent, and the spectators shout a mocking "oh!

Chape occasionally presses forward in attack, and there is one sequence, about half an hour into the game, when Chape nearly scores.

A free kick comes in, and Willian Thiego, a stout central defender, lashes the ball into the goal. He turns away to celebrate, wanting desperately to share the emotion with his teammates on the bench.

He does not see the offside flag raised. When he does, he stops his gyrations midjiggle, shakes his head and runs back up the field.

Mostly, Chape just defends. Danilo slides out quickly to block a shot. A long-range blast goes wide. The minutes creep by. It is still The fans are frothing as it appears Chape will do it.

The stadium is shaking. Even with all the defenders there, it ricochets around and falls at the feet of Marcos Angeleri, an experienced Argentine.

Angeleri is directly in front of the goal, 18 feet away. All he has to do is shoot the ball into the net, which is 24 feet wide, and San Lorenzo will steal the game, go to the final and keep Chape home.

Danilo, the goalkeeper, looks helpless. Rafael, in the radio booth, puts his hands to his head. He fears the worst: At the last breath, Chape will lose.

But as Angeleri prepares to shoot, Danilo rises up like a lion on its back legs. For a beat, it is as if the fans cannot fathom what has happened.

But then the roar is long and loud, and Danilo thumps his chest with glee. Except he changes it. Instead of saying "Danilo! Only one starter in this photo taken on Nov.

Front row, from left: Kempes, Gil, Tiaguinho, Ananias, Dener. Back row, from left: The celebration begins in the hot and sticky locker room.

The players form a circle and scream out the team song, the one the fans sing whenever something good happens or something bad happens or, really, anything happens: Ananias, an attacking midfielder, jumps up and down on the seat in front of his cubby.

Jackson Follmann, the backup goalkeeper, bangs his hands against the frame of his locker. The party moves to Spettus, a restaurant in town where the team often goes.

William Thiego has a surdo, which is a large Brazilian bass drum. Waiters circulate, cutting thick slices of sirloin from towering skewers.

The players relive the match. There is a toast to Danilo for his miraculous save. The wives and girlfriends sit together and talk about how they have never seen their men like this.

The women of Chape are close. The men are always playing or training or in concentration before they play again, so genuine friendships among the women are natural.

They had not known each other long, but when the results came back positive, the women hugged Graziele and congratulated her and told her she was so young to be having a baby.

At Spettus, the women talk about the future. About the championship game, yes, but only a little bit. They talk about bathing suits and how they will go to the beach together.

They talk about relaxing. Aline Machado joins in but cannot stop looking at her husband, Filipe. He has never been this happy, not when he was playing in Iran or the Middle East or for other clubs in Brazil.

Not even when he was making good money. Over the next few days, nothing changes. In the morning, Filipe leaves a love note for Aline on a napkin in the kitchen.

At their wedding, she wore a sleek white gown with a floor-length veil and a headband with crystal butterflies on it and looked like a princess.

Now, she tells him she hopes she will start having strange cravings soon, like pickles or sausage, instead of just feeling nauseous all the time.

He hugs her and talks to the baby, telling it he is going to teach it how to play soccer and take it onto the field with him before a big game someday.

Alan Ruschel, a left back for Chape, has a more frenetic departure. But the passport is found, and Alan can leave, and Marina feels an exaggerated sensation of comfort and calm come over her when she is in the shower the next morning.

It is an unusual feeling for her; she likes energy and pace. She was in beauty pageants when she was younger and sometimes wears a nose ring and highlights her hair lighter or darker depending on her particular mood.

She is not used to serenity. She tells Alan about this feeling, and he chuckles at her. She cannot place the sensation; she only knows it makes her feel warm.

It is delayed slightly because one of the players asks, just as the doors are closing, whether he can get his bag back from the luggage hold.

He left his video-game player inside. Many jokes are made, but the bag is retrieved. It is retrieved because this is a charter flight operated by LaMia airlines and not a regular commercial flight.

LaMia is a Bolivian company that has flown many other soccer clubs to important games. Just a few weeks ago, on the same plane, it flew Lionel Messi and the Argentine national team to a World Cup qualifier.

While waiting for the flight, Alan Ruschel does magic tricks. Danilo tries some tricks, too, but he is better as a member of the audience because he gets visibly startled when Alan suddenly makes the card appear again.

Once in the air, the players deal cards and play Samba. One of the staff members tries to teach a flight attendant Portuguese. Kempes sits on the right side by a window.

Two rows from the back, Rafael Henzel sits in a middle seat among the other journalists. Alan sits next to Follmann, the backup goalkeeper, in the center of the plane; Alan was originally in the rear but moved up when the journalists gathered there.

Follmann grabbed him and pulled him into his row. The flight is long. Some keep their headphones on the entire time. In the cabin, Rafael asks a flight attendant when they will be on the ground.

Ten minutes, he is told. He notices the flight attendant looks worried. Thirteen seconds later, the second engine fails. Fourteen seconds after that, the fourth engine fails.

The lights in the cabin go out, and the air circulator goes quiet. There is no turbulence or shaking; it feels instead as if the plane is floating toward the ground.

About 30 seconds later, the pilot calls again: Vectors to the runway! He is asking for directions. The controller answers that the plane has disappeared from her radar.

There is a pause. Then the controller hears the word, "Jesus," over the radio. She asks again for the pilot to call his altitude, and the radio is silent.

On impact, the plane shears into two pieces. The tail embeds on the south side of the crest. The nose shoots over the edge and finishes on the north side, nearly feet away.

One of the engines catches in the branches of an uprooted tree. There is no explosion, no fire at the site; only twisted metal and debris.

The temperature at Cerro Gordo is 66 degrees. There are cloudy skies and thunder in the distance. It is, by most measures, an unremarkable night in Colombia.

Five days after the Nov. Tonight, beginning at Aline Machado is sleeping, but it is the sleep of a parent with a toddler nearby. When the phone rings in the early morning, she answers it immediately.

It is her mother. At first, Aline does not understand what her mother is saying. Then she hears the words "airplane" and "Chape.

She sits up in bed and turns on the television. There are confusing reports about something happening. The text-message group of Chape wives and girlfriends buzzes on her phone over and over.

No one knows what is going on. No one knows what to believe. One woman says that someone from Colombia has messaged her on Facebook but that she is not sure if it is reliable.

The person says there are no fatalities, that it was just an emergency landing. The television and radio voices keep talking but not saying anything for certain.

Then the reports begin mentioning "some" survivors, and the phone buzzes more. Aline believes Filipe is alive. She believes she can feel him.

She has known Filipe since they were children. On their first date, he took her to see pigs. Some of her friends thought it was strange, but she understood.

Filipe imagined that someday he would turn the farm into a soccer field for the community. He would build the locker rooms himself.

He would put up goals and children would come and play. He would run camps and clinics. It would be his to share. So on that first date, when they were just teenagers, Filipe was showing Aline his dream.

She felt his passion, his ambition that day. She felt his enthusiasm. And now, in the middle of the night, she still feels it. When the TV says a defender is among the survivors, she is sure it is Filipe.

She is sure of it. Aline is going to pick up Rosangela, and the two of them will go to the stadium together to wait for more news with the other wives.

Rosangela is sitting there. Aline looks at her and then looks at the TV and hears the reporter say, "There are no more survivors. Then Aline wails and collapses to the ground.

After 20 minutes, Aline and Rosangela collect themselves and go to the stadium. They sit in the locker room with wives and girlfriends and mothers and fathers.

Everyone connected to the club has come to the stadium, because no one knows where else to go. Even Chiquinho is there.

Someone says, "Be strong, Grazi, for the baby. In one corner is Marina. Jacqueline, Val, Susanna, Aline, Rosangela -- they are all crying.

The team doctor took Marina aside and told her Alan was in surgery in Colombia. She does not know the details of the surgery, but she knows Alan is alive.

She tries to comfort her friends, to hold them and hug them, but they know her partner is not dead like theirs. They know she is not left alone, and, already, it is different.

Riskante Aktion Biker überschätzt Eisdecke und bricht bei voller Fahrt ein. Bitte wählen Sie einen Newsletter aus. Doch die Versicherungen spielen auf Zeit und bieten den betroffenen Familien Geld, damit diese ihre Klagen zurückziehen. Doch es soll nicht in dieser Woche passieren! Die Betroffenen sind längst wieder im Alltag angekommen. Dass Henzel heute wieder am Mikrofon sitzen kann, ist ein Wunder. Alan Ruschel widmet sein erstes Tor für Chapecoense nach dem Flugzeug-Absturz seinen 19 damals umgekommenen Teamkollegen. Muss jeder seine Gage in der Steuererklärung angeben? Er sollte im Flugzeug auf einem anderen Platz sitzen, tauschte mit einem Kollegen, der starb, und setzte sich zu Follmann. Philippinen — für unvergessliche Momente Leserreisen. In der Meisterschaftsrunde hätte der Klub am letzten Spieltag am

B usinesses closed and schools canceled classes in Chapeco as the small town in southern Brazil plunged into mourning on Tuesday over the loss of its soccer team, Chapecoense, in a plane crash in Colombia.

Large groups remained quietly in the stands until late in day, staring past their banners at the empty green field as the sun beat down.

S eventy-one people were killed and six survived in the crash, officials have now said, lowering the initial death toll by four. The civil aviation authority had initially given a death toll of 75, but it later emerged that four people on the passenger manifest had not in fact boarded the plane.

The agency says in a Twitter message that both of the recorders have been recovered "in perfect condition. LaMia, the Bolivian operator of the crashed plane, said on its website - which has since become inaccessible - that its three BAE s had a maximum range of around 2, kilometers.

The thoughts of everyone at The FA are with ChapecoenseReal and all the victims of the tragic air accident in Colombia.

They are expected to arrive tomorrow. The investigators will be assisted by representatives from BAE Systems, which manufactured the plane.

F or a few glorious days, tiny Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense was the side of the moment, the latest in a string of sporting surprises in And this morning the dream ended.

But the rise of a team known as the Western Big Green had taken decades. F ounded in in the small agricultural city of Chapeco in western Santa Catarina state in southern Brazil, Chapecoense won its first state title four years later.

The team established itself in a competitive league without making waves outside the rugged region they called home and it was not until the new millennium that their fortunes changed.

Money troubles almost forced them to the wall but a group of local businessmen rescued them from financial collapse and set them on the road to the top.

Chapecoense won promotion from Serie D in and then rose steadily up the divisions, finally making it into the top tier in T here is a makeshift memorial in the changing room, and fans have left messages and flowers near the stadium.

D octors at several hospitals are working to stabilise the six survivors. All of the injured suffered severe trauma injuries. Hospital officials say Chapecoense player Alan Ruschel appears to be in the most delicate condition.

Brazilian President Michel Temer declared three days of national mourning for victims of the plane crash in Colombia, as the football-mad nation plunged into grief and all games were called off for one week.

In southern Brazil, hundreds of distraught fans gathered outside the Conda Arena, the home stadium of the Chapecoense football club, saying prayers and leaving flowers and messages of condolence.

In the dressing room, the club set up a hastily improvised support centre for the families of victims and members of the squad who did not make the fateful flight to Colombia.

A well-known local priest and life-long Chapecoense fan, Igor Damo, came to the stadium to give comfort to the grief-stricken. It is a time for hugs.

T he priest said a special memorial service had been organised for Tuesday evening in the city cathedral. Authorities in Chapeco declared 30 days of mourning and cancelled the official festivities planned for Christmas and New Year.

Chapeco is located in the southern state of Santa Catarina. Raimundo Colombo, the governor of the state, said it was a time of great pain for sport in Santa Catarina and in Brazil.

Chapecoense was the first team from the state ever to reach the final of an international competition.

B razilian sports fans and celebrities took to social media to share their grief. In a display of solidarity, legendary Brazilian clubs such as Corinthians and Flamengo replaced their own club badges and colours on their Twitter feeds with sombre black versions of the Chapecoense badge.

All football matches in Brazil have been called off for seven days. The second leg of the final of the Brazilian Cup, which was due to be played this Wednesday, has been postponed by one week.

He said that the LaMia airline hails from the Venezuelan city of Merida but later re-established itself in Santa Cruz. Players at Liverpool v Leeds and Hull v Newcastle will observe a period of silence before kick-off and wear black armbands.

T his is at least the fifth plane crash involving a football team since the Second World War, writes David Millward: Among those who died was Duncan Edwards, regarded at the time as the finest young footballer in England.

Bobby Charlton and Matt Busby were among the survivors. The disaster claimed 31 lives including 18 members of the all-conquering Torino squad.

The Zambian national team was among the 30 people killed on Aril 27 when their plane crashed into the Atlantic metres from the coast of Gabon.

P ilot Miquel Quiroga was flying the plane when it crashed after suspected electrical problems. While the cause of the plane crash is yet to be determined, there have been some reports the pilot was dumping fuel in the seconds before the crash.

A n injury sidelined Chapecoence soccer player Alejandro Martinuccio. It also likely saved his life. C hapecoense will be crowned Copa Sudamerica champions "in the next few days", according to Brazilian sports journalist Thiago Suman.

In an extraordinary gesture Colombia side Atletico Nacional is believed to have asked to concede the title to the dead players of Chapecoense, who should have been competing for the trophy in Medellin on Wednesday night.

Chapecoense will be crowned champions, if not tomorrow night when the winner would have been decided, then certainly in the next few days. Retrieved 1 December Telegraph Media Group Limited.

Retrieved 5 December Retrieved 21 December Retrieved 10 December Retrieved 11 December Chape ended the competition with 52 points, in the 11th place, and the Galo ended in the fourth position, with Fans gather to mourn Chapecoense footballers among 75 killed — as it happened".

Retrieved 8 December Retrieved on April 11, in Portuguese. Universidad de Chile Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

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Victor Andrade on loan from Estoril. Edgardo Orzuza on loan from Club Nacional. He started the game as the captain, and was substituted in the 35th minute.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Green line indicates the period during which the aircraft was in a holding pattern at Flight level approximately 21, feet altitude 2: Orange star indicates the location where ADS-B signals were lost 2: The crash site is indicated in red.

Retrieved 29 November Retrieved 29 December The pilot of the LaMia aircraft was also the owner of the airline]. Retrieved 30 November El Tiempo in Spanish.

Plane with a championship-bound Brazilian soccer team crashes into mountainside". Retrieved 15 December Archived from the original PDF on 16 December Retrieved 16 December Retrieved 2 December Bolivian Consulate in Rosario, Argentina.

Archived from the original on 15 December Retrieved 13 December Retrieved 14 December The Economist Newspaper Limited. Retrieved 5 December International Civil Aviation Organization.

Retrieved 1 December Jet ran out of fuel, pilot said". Air Accidents Investigation Branch. Retrieved 28 December Retrieved 1 January

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La tragedia del Chapecoense contada por CNN

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Alan sits next to Follmann, the backup goalkeeper, in holland casino groningen hotel center of the plane; Alan was originally in the rear but moved up when the journalists gathered there. Retrieved on April 11, in Star game. ET and 11 p. Pitico, the injured dog that Chiquinho and his crew adopted, never returned after going missing following the crash. This was attended by 40, spectators with live coverage on Fox Sports and a bayern gegen frankfurt stream on YouTube. Inside the team, the coaches make a decision: A hug for the club and for all Brazilian football. He would build the locker rooms casino geld verdienen trick. A t least six people are believed to have bayern dortmund champions league 2019 after a plane carrying 81 passengers, including members of a top flight Brazillian football team, crashed in Colombia, officials said. Archived from the original on December 13, Retrieved 5 December

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